MyBook drives not responding when PC wakes from sleep mode

I have an earlier 1gb MyBook and a newwer 1 TB MyBook on my Dell Windows 10 PC. I never had any issues with the 1GB drive. When I got the 1 TB drive, it took me a bit to get the OS to recognize it at boottime; that’s fixed. Now, if I have power saving enabled and the PC goes to sleep, when it wakes up, I can’t access either MyBook drive. They show up in file explorer but when I click on one, it hangs after it starts to access it. I have turned the power saving sleep mode off and they both seem to work fine.

From some of the other posts I’ve seen, it sounds like the MyBook drives have their own sleep capability. Would that be conflicting with the Dell power saver or is something else goofy?


I would recommend that you take a look at the following article: