MyBook does not show on BigSur. Time to give up or does anyone have a solution?

I see that other users cannot see MyPassport after ‘upgrading’ to BigSur. I have exactly the same issue but with a MyBook. The drive doesn’t show in disc utilty but is recognised under USB in System Information, so the connection is there.

My assumption is that BigSur needs updated drivers from WD…who are no longer supporting these ‘legacy’ products. If anyone knows any different or has a solution, I’d be very grateful.

Currently, it seems the only option is to ditch a perfectly good drive and buy another (thanks, WD).



Please refer to the following KBA article: Cannot Find My WD Drive on Windows or macOS

Hi Logan

Thanks, but I’m not sure how that article helps. The article is about what to do if your PC cannot find your drive. As I say in my post, my MacBook does see the drive via System Information. I just can’t access the files.

Since my initial post I have run an experiment with two other MacBooks. One MacBook was also running BigSur - exactly the same problem. The drive is connected but you cannot access the files.

Next, I connected it to a MacBook running El Capitan. Voila! I can access the drive without any problems.

So it points to a conflict between MyBook and MyPassport external drives and BigSur. Unless WD/Apple can come up with a solution it is looking like a whole generation of hard drives may become redundant for anyone using the latest Apple OS.