Mybook Daughterboard interchangability

My mybook 2TB took a tumble.  In the process the USB connector was bent and separated from the daughterboard.

I bought a SATA drive enclosure kit with a generic SATA daughterboard, powerswitch, cables…

My system can see the drive, but no partitions.  Ontrack does not recognize the partition type. 

After reading messages here, I understand why.  My drive was setup with a WD daugherboard with WDSW; therefore, it can only be read by the same.

I called WD tech support and the WD store.  They will not sell just a daughterboard. 

Since my only chance of personally managed data recovery appears to be to buy another Mybook, to gain access to a working daughterboard, my question is:

Are the daughterboards the same with smaller sized drives? i.e Will the daughterboard from a 500MB/1TB/1.5TB Mybook work with my 2TB drive to escape from this prison for the least amount of money?


Hi dude!

The controller card is tricky… It should be the same if it comes from the same model (Ignoring the capacity), but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work since a lot of factors come into play such as the firmware and the age itself since they may have different revisions (The controller from one week may not be the same for the drives created the next week, or may look the same but behaves on another way).

If I were you, I’d try physical data recovery with a company… It will be faster than finding the exact logic board that your drive needs…

Best  of luck.