MyBook Data Not Accessible

Hi there
Up to now I have been using MyBook 2TB via my laptop (VISTA)
I used the MyBook in a click and drag way of transferring files straight to the file directory
Now we have a PC (XP 32bit)
MyBook mounts and I can access in MyComputer but it only shows I have 19.6mb on space (right click/properties) - When checked back again with Laptop, I haven’t even used up 1TB of space
I have downloaded the utilities/drivers and firmware direct from WD
But I can not access the data already held on MyBook
When MyBook initially loads; it has a pop up which states that the drive is not locked
I need MyBook to now work with the PC (XP) as the Laptop is now on it’s last legs (about 10 years old) and I do not want to loose all the data files on MyBook.
Please help

Hello there,

Since the drives does show up on the computer, try to use a Data recovery software to see if this way you can get to the data that is missing, lets see if another user can share some tips or information on this matter.