MyBook conversion to 1 Tb

Hi…have a MyBook WD5000H1CS-00 with a 500 GB Green drive. The drive is shot…PC board no good. Just bought a blue WDEZEX 1.0 TB drive. Anyone know if it will work in the original MyBook case?

I don’t see why not, the current draw on both 5V and 12 V are identical. The only problem I can see is that something in the electronics of the USB - SATA converter won’t recognize the new drive.

I am reluctant to try in a sense. I wonder if something in the USB - SATA electronics blew the original PC board on the 500 GB drive. I also don’t like the idea of running a drive in the vertical position although I have seen arrays of 9 drives in professional use used as a RAID setup and all stored vertically.


Not sure if this with work as the firmware information on those units might be different.

If you test that, please let the community know how it goes.