MyBook changes from USB Device to a SCSI device without warning

Several of my My Book and My Book Duo drives have suddenly changed from being registered as “USB devices” to “SCSI drive devices”. They still work fine, but are no longer recognized by the WD Drive Utilities so I no longer have any way to test them. One of the newer My Book Duo 16 TB drives can be coerced to change back to a “USB device” using the Safely Remove Device" tool, waiting 30 seconds and reconnecting it. A note pops up saying “Installing new device driver” and when it finishes, the drive is installed as a USB device and WD Drive Utilities can recognize it again, but it isn’t permanent. The next time the computer is restarted it reverts back to being a “SCSI Drive Device” again. The computer is running Windows 7 Pro and I’m connecting the drive to one of the two main USB3 ports on the chassis, not to a Hub. Can anyone make any suggestions? I intend to keep this computer operational (but off line) after the end of service date because it has several programs I need that are not available for Windows 10.

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