MyBook blue bar light blinks a few times, powers off


I purchased a WD MyBook drive a couple of years ago. I’m currently at work right now and don’t have the specifics on it, but I’m experiencing an issue and I was hoping someone might have seen this before and would have some advice.

As a precursor, recently my Dell desktop computer (Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit) experienced a problem where it booted up, then shut off on its own after a minute or two. Dell sent a technician to my home and he replaced the motherboard of the machine. I have no idea if that would have anything to do with the issue but I wanted to include it.

So a couple of days ago I powered up my desktop, and my hard drive is supposed to boot up with it. I’ve never had any issues with the hard drive before. I noticed that the hard drive actually did not boot up with the machine. I checked the connections and everything seemed fine. I then switched the USB cable to a different port. The blue bar of light on the front of the machine blinked a few times, I heard the machine whirring and powering up, and then the light went off and I could hear the machine power down.

I switched out the USB cable itself. Same thing. I then plugged the hard drive into my laptop (Windows 7). No problems. The drive worked fine, the data was still intact.

Assuming it might have been a USB port issue, I called Dell. They found no problems with my USB ports and didn’t see any issues with the hard drive either. Here’s the thing, though. When I plugged in the hard drive while on the phone with the Dell technician, the drive worked fine. And now, when I turn on the desktop, the hard drive will do it’s three blink shutoff during the beginning of the bootup, but will immediately turn itself back on and work perfectly fine during my session with all data intact.

So what’s going on? Any need to be worried? I have most of the data backed up but I’m wondering whether I need to get a new drive or whether this is alright. I’d appreciate any advice.

Hey there ,.

You should try testing the drive for problems, there’s different test options, Windows has chkdsk .

Also WD has a diagnostics software that is free to download. Good for you for backing up those files , whenever one drive is acting funny I just do a backup and hope for the best.