MyBook 500 use as backup and regular external storage


I would like to use my 500GB My Book Essential as both backup and extra storage (i.e., backup of my whole C drive but also be able to store things on it that are not on my C drive…things I rarely need but would like to have stored).Is this possible. Also, with the automatic back up software WD uses, it stores things in an unfamiliar way, making things impossible to find. I would like to avoid this if possible.   Thanks!

Hi there, what if you copy and paste the files to the drive?

I could, but then I wouldn’t have a quick backup. I’m wondering if there is a way to have the best of both worlds - the great automatic backup that the drive allows, but also a way to save a few real big things

You can do the 2 thing at once… It would just take double the space…