MyBook 500 Just. Stopped. Working

Greetings, I’m not exactly a computer scientist, so bear with me here :slight_smile: I have a MyBook Essentials 500GB. It’s roughly two years old or so, I can’t remember exactly when I bought it. Recently it just stopped working. The blue light won’t come on and it doesn’t show up on my PC. I went to Radio Shack and tried it with a fresh power adapter (after looking up the specs and making sure I had the right one.) Anyway, what should I do now? I’ll call WD support tomorrow, but just curious if anyone knows of a simple explanation for this and how I can fix it. Have I mentioned that I’m also an ■■■■■ and didn’t back anything up? Yep, I’m THAT guy. Is this a common problem with MyBook Essentials and what’s the usual result? In other words, are my files on the drive totally screwed or is there a glimmer of hope that I’ll ever see them again? 

Hi there, first of all don’t call yourself an ■■■■■; unexpected things happen to everyone.

Sometimes what fails is the case while the drive inside is fine, so it is possible to recover the data if you dismantle it but this kills the warranty.

You can also try a data recovery software like TestDisk, which is free…

Good luck!

I am in the same boat with my mybook.  Mine however does turn on.  The little blue light comes on and I can turn it off and turn it on with it.  However when I listen close to it it makes a weird little faint sound like it is re-booting or trying to.  Viiirrrp  Virrrp Virrp.  Hard to key in a sound here :wink:

I agree with the last post.  Don’t call yourself an ■■■■■ feel free to call me one though for not going with Mozy or some other offsite online back up company.  If I ever see my wedding pics, travel pics, files, and such again I’ll be a lucky and still maried man.  I bought this boat anchor external hard drive to keep my files safe whilst I reformated my HDD on my PC and re-installed windows.  OF Course BAM! out goes my out of warranty WD Premium.  (WD3200D032-000).  :cry:

I really need help on this. 

If your computer does not recognize the External Drive like it had for the last 4 years, or so, then how would you be able to use recovery software?  OR- Do I have to take it somewhere, or is there something I can do. 

If I am out of warranty, and have not opened up the case, an I re-up my warranty and get help?  I can only pray at this point as ALL of my pictures etc are on this drive.

Sorry for being such a downer on this, but at the time I MOST needed this thing it dies on me.  11 on the 1-10 Rhicter scale of frustration.



Data recovery softwares tend to look for the drive on the lower levels of recognition of the computer, which may not be accessible to us.

Try and check if the drive is on disk management, then try TestDisk first as it is free.

Since the drive is out of warranty you can try to open it if you know what you’re doing, but you’ll only be able ot recover the data that way if the hard drive inside the case is working fine (Meaning that only the casing failed).

If the problem is the internal hard drive itself, you may need to contact a pro.

Good luck both of you!!

Thanks for the response… 

Thanks so much Pizza, again sorry for being Debbie Downer its just  (:robotindifferent::angry::manmad:) LOL  Ya know?

The drive does not show on Disk Management.  On two different computers with different Op Systems xp and 7.  I just built a new rig so I am not affraid to open the case.  Would you sir have any great pointers or links for How to’s?  I just need to know first what to do, not to do, gotchyas, and caviats.  From there I believe I can get there. 

All I am after is the Data.  From there I would be home free.  I’d still go with WD as this drive has served me for 4 years.  But from now on, online backup will be the rule for me, external will be secondary at best.

Thanks again Za, 


It appears that your drive may be suffering a stiction fault.

If so, then see this thread, but heed the warnings:…p/54242#M11384