MyBook 4T folders not showing Date Modified

I just moved dozens of folders from my hard drive onto a new My Book external desktop storage device. When I look at the details for my folders, it showed the last time I actually updated them on my hard drive, which is good. However, I’ve since modified some of the folders, but the “Date Modified” field has remained the same, which is NOT good. It’s important that I am able to track the dates I add to or delete files in these folders. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how to resolve? The only way I’ve been able to adapt is by moving the file to my hard drive, updating it, and then moving it back to My Book. However, that’s really tedious.

Just to make sure, … You are talking about a USB-connected MyBook, not a network-connected MyBookLive. Yes? I’m pretty sure the timestamp is controlled by the operating system, not the device. Do you have a similar problem with USB flash memory devices?

On the other hand, if you are asking about MyBookLive, make sure you have the NTP service enabled. I have no idea what MBL does if you do not. I’ve had MBL give incorrect timestamps (after a power outage) if it somehow could not connect to the specified time server but I’ve never seen it not change the timestamp.

correct. i’m talking about the USB connected version. I had a smaller (1T) device connected, and never had this issue. when I add or delete a file to a folder, the “date modified” field updates. i’m wondering if this My Book was designed to be a back-up and wasn’t set up to have files modified on it–although it’s possible to do so.