MyBook 3TB Troubles

Over the last 4-6 years I have recieved and shipped back 3 or 4 WD external HDD’s that contained my entire trainz simulator custom content collection. Each time I had trouble I spoke to WD over the phone and they sent out a replacement drive. My last issue was in 2012 I think and I was sent a revised version of the my book external and during the mid part of April of 2016 it happened again. The controller went bad having seen this before first thought get a different enclosure and did so. Next after trying the drive it seems that both the old enclosure and the HDD my have been to blame. At the local computer store my acquaintance who is also the manager of the store took it in before we put it in the new enclosure and tested the drive and partitions. Drive tested fine so we began looking for file recovery software and purchased Eassos Recovery to begin the process. That is where I am at currently for some reason the drive seems to stall near 18% recovery but a few time we were able to get it to complete the recovery process but stall while transferring the files. The file that were transferred could not be accessed which is like not having them in the first place. With that being said I purchase a WD purple 4tb HDD just for storage with a rosewill enclosure, With the 3 WD blue drives inside my tower they give me very little trouble just wish I could say the same for the WD MyBook externals I have owned. I do not want what happened to me to happen to others as I have lost information that is no longer out availble there. Just wish I had realized this sooner and gone with a different model.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always recommend to avoid any type of data loss to always keep the data stored in mode than one place. I have 2 my book drives backing up my computer. If the computer fails then I have the data copied in 2 drives, If one of the drives fails then the data is still in the computer and the second drive.