Mybook 3tb on nas

Hi everybody :D

Ok so i have an external 3tb disk connected to my qnap nas trough usb on the back which is all fine.
Yesterday i accidentally pulled out the plug for the nas. After i plugged it back in the nas took some time to start up. and then i noticed 1 folder on the external drive was suddenly a white icon instead of the yellow folder also the file size is now 0kb :shock:

So here is my question. Is the data lost? or is it simply disappeared? if so how do i get it back?

I cannot delete the folder/white icon, i cannot rename it. And if i create a new folder (videos) and copy new files over in the folder it will create the same folder with the same data in it self over and over like this


What happened and do i need to format it???


Try connecting the drive directly to a windows computer to see if the show up with all the files… If the folder was in use when you pull the cable the data might be corrupted…

You can try to use a data recovery software to see if you are able to get that back