MyBook 3TB introduces " is corrupt or incomplete..." errors with ntbackup WinXPpro 32bit

I have three AMD/GigaByte WinXPpro SP-3 32 bit (up-to-date) PCs at the house. Have used ntbackup.exe for 6 years on ALL PCs doing NORMAL/VERIFIED backups without A SINGLE VERIFY ERROR using a pair of IOmega (Seagate) 1TB USB2.0 drives. The IOmegas were running out of room so I upgraded to a pair of WDBFJK0030HBK-04 3TB USB3/2 MyBooks. Using the same USB2.0 ports with the MyBook supplied cables, WD SES driver installed (latest ver downloaded from WD 7/20/14). Clean single partition format as plain 'ol NTFS external backup drives. CHKDSK at boot shows no errors on the the C: drives. CHKDSK shows no errors on the MyBooks (X: & Y:)


MyBook drives blow errors during ntbackup.exe, IOmega drives DO NOT. I’ve gone back and forth doing A/B/A/B comparisons. Only variables are (A) MyBook drives & cables vs: (B) IOmega drives & cables. Errors follow both MyBook drives.

ERRORS during copy (normal) and verify:

WARNING: Portions of “\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Games\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\Electronic Registration.lnk” cannot be read. The backed up data is corrupt or incomplete.
This file will not restore correctly.

GETTING 70-150 of these errors per backup with the MyBooks - out of 30k-40k files on the C: drives. Random files with each backup attempt.

HELP - Is anyone out there having similar issues???

Did you see if the software is prepared to deal with that huge size? After all you where using 1tb and now you are using 3 tb

32 bit XP doesn’t normally handle drives larger than 2T. Formatting with the WD format tool has an option to select to use on XP.


I am confused… BTW the WD SES driver has been installed since the 1st time I connected these MyBooks to my PCs. So…

  1. Reformatted the 3TB MyBook with WD drive utilities. Get a 2.72TB drive with 4096 sized allocation units.
  2. Reformatted with WD quick formatter v1.2.0.10. Get a 2.72TB drive with 4096 sized allocation units.
  3. Resized the partition with WinXP Disk Mgmt to 1.75TBwith 4096 sized allocation units.

WD Quick Formatter went straight to formatting, NEVER presented an ‘XP format’ option.
After each reformat, WD diag Quick & Complete Drive tests show 0 error results.
After each reformat, I re-ran ntbackup. Problem STAYED. Though I got fewer errors on my C: drive after option #3 than after #1 & #2.

OK, since WinXP 32bit has this 2TB size limitation, WHY is it even recognizing a 3,000,557,891,584=2.72TB partition???

Also, it’s a WD Green drive inside the MyBook case; given that a USB-SATA controller sits between this AF drive and WinXP, is WinXP - AF incompatability a non-issue?

I’m REALLY really really ready to move to OS X, MS is a mess.