MyBook 320GB and 1Tb Hdd

Hi all!

Sorry if topic exists but i failed to find one…

Here we go:

  1. WD MyBook (WD3200H1B-00)

  2. WD 10EARS HDD (1 Tb)

  3. ASUS WL500W access point.

The main question is: Does WD3200H1B support 1 Tb hard drives?

It looks YES for me but:

MyBook is used as an external USB for Asus access point. HDD was formatted to single EXT2 partition using Norton Partition Magic. According to ASUS log it detects capacity right: 922 Gb or something around that. I’ve started uploading data to disk. Everything seemed fine until upload stopped when disk was used for something around 320 Gb. Right now ASUS says 647 Gb free, but when i try to copy anything i get “Disk is Full” message

Any comments/suggestions?

HOT Update:

By the time I’ve finished previous post everything turned normal.

I’ve tried to upload data once again (just to make a final check) and it’s running.

So… can anyone tell me WHAT IS HAPPENING?