Mybook 2tb - restores no longer available - what kind of system is this?

Well, despite being told by the shop that this was the eaiest and safest system to use. i find its not.

I have been backing up for about a month, since i bought it.
had a comp failure so had to reinstall windows 7 (yes 7)
i plugged my book in, installed the software back onto the computer, then tried to restore my date.
clicking on restore i get “No Restores available, please create a backup” !!

I can see restores on the book, when i browse them in this location “WD Backup.swstor”
but the software doesnt recognise them.
Surely, the reason for backups is just for a situation like mine.

It even took me 4 goes to get this post on here, i kept getting a rather unhelpful message saying “Sorry, an error has occured”
Maybe i can drag them from there back to the c drive, but a standard harddrive would do that, why buy this product.
If i find no answer to this, i will request a RMA


WD has different backups software. Make sure that you are using the same backup software that came with the drive.

Depending on your unit, download the backup software that comes with it.

See if this helps