Mybook 2TB causing program crashes

I bought a mybook a while ago, and just recently had to clean install my operating system, due to an unrealted problem. however, now, whenever I plug in my 2TB Mybook, most programs slow down, and anything that tries to open or even view the hard drive (usually windows explorer) instantly stops responding. Attempts to use task manager to end the programs only leads to more crashing. However, if I unplug the drive, all programs instantaneously resume functioning as normal.

Please help.

Hello, use DLG to test the my book.

I’ve already done so. Unfortunately, just like any other program that tried to open, read, or otherwise use the harddrive, it crashed before yielding anything useful…

Well in that case you can use the boot version of DLG. If that doesn’t work then contact tech support to replace it.