MyBook 1TB Vista BSOD

I have a MyBook 1 TB external drive, and since last night attempting to unlock it on any machine or OS gives a BSOD:

Stop: 0x0000000a

  BCCode:    a
  BCP1:    00000A0C
  BCP2:    00000002
  BCP3:    00000000
  BCP4:    81C5B696

Is this repairable? If so how would I go about it, if not is data recovery possible?

That’s not usually a good sign. How was the drive formatted? Have you tried to access it on a Mac (they don’t have Blue Screen errors, and in rare cases can access a drive that would be inaccessible from a PC (and vice versa) ).

Also have you tried replacing the USB cable? A bad cable could cause that too…