MyBook 1230 on USB3 Port of MyCloud Causes Disconnect

I started having “Unable to Connect” messages whenever I tried to access the Dashboard using WiFi. Support was unable to gain web access either, using QuickView Dashboard connection, or going into Network and selecting “Web Interface” on a right click of the WD MyCloud icon. The drive would also not respond to it’s DHCP IP address, even though it ping’d OK. WD shipped me a replacement MyCloud drive, and I went about transferring files from mine to the “new” one. I had removed the attached MyBook 4TB disk from my MyCloud, and was able to web into BOTH MyCloud drives, WiFi AND Ethernet. Reconnecting the MyBook, on BOTH MyCloud drives one at a time, resulted in initially being able to web into Dashboard (after poweroff/on reboots), and I saw both the MyCloud and the MyBook drives recognized when hovering over QuickView icon in the Systray. I saw the %Used on each disk at this time, however, when looking at the Dashboard, it posted “SCANNING” in the Status field, then after a short interval, went to “ERROR” status. Now QuickView posted 0%Used for MyCloud, and there was nothing there about MyBook drive.
Also, MyCloud was totally unresponsive, and was accessible only with unplugging/replugging (reboot) of AC adapter.
There’s something wrong with a 4TB MyBook being plugged behind a 4TB MyCloud NAS, and I’m getting fairly ticked with what should be a simple PnP operation. I read other posts where Seagate drives functioned OK with this connection, which irritates me even further that WD can’t function LIKE-to-LIKE. YIKES!!!
My drive details: MyCloud has F/W v04.04.02-105 (most current as of this posting)
MyBook unsure of it’s F/W level, and could not find any new F/W available for it

Hello, usually is a simple PnP operation, however if you have a lot of media on your external hard drive the My Cloud will take a some time in order to index and add all the information to its database.

Hello IIuna, and thanks for your note. I’ve forwarded drive logs for
Engineering perusal, and hope for resolution sometime in this next week.
I’ll keep you informed.


I’m still awaiting an update from Engineering concerning those drive logs.
I was promised I’d hear back within a couple days, or a week at the latest.
Could you please follow up with them as to where this analysis is currently?
I’m unsure if there’s a ticket opened on this, but if not, could you create one
from your end? All the details are in my original note.
Thanks, and I hope there’s a resolution that will let me again use MyBook
attached to MyCloud, as it’s presently not operating as desired.