MyBook 10TB has 2.2TB unidentified and unusable space

I recently purchased a MyBook 10TB drive. I loaded 5Tb of files onto it but nearly 8 TB are used.
Windows Explorer shows 1.54 TB free of 9.3 TB. These figures are confirmed by third party apps. Again using Explorer or other apps, there are three folders - one with 3.2 TB one with 1.7 tb and one, a WD backup with 0.5 TB. The systems folders total less than 1 Mb. So the total space sued should be about 5 TB. The App WindirStat shows the same but has 2.3 TB “Unknown”. Explorer cannot see this space. The disk is formatted exFAT. I have run LifeGuard Diagnostics to now avail. What is the problem with this device and how do I correct it?

You should contact Western Digital for such issue. They can assist you better on such concern.

You can refer to the link to contact them.