MyBook 1.5 TB - Very slow backup on XP, fast on Windows 7?!

I backed up about 200 GB on my windows 7 PC, then to do my wifes laptop which is still running XP it takes hours, if not days ( I have never completed one yet!). 

I have talked to WD support… reinstall program, update windows, blah blah…  I know a little about computers so I did what they said anyways.  Ran chkdsk on the laptop, ok, ran spybot…no malware/spyware.  Turned the Mybook to “performance” under drive properties, not much of a difference.

One thing I noticed, even though it has “catagorized” the files, when I got to backup, it takes hours to count up to the total amount backing up, IE) 1gb out of 5gb, then 1gb out of 10 gb, until it gets up to the 55 gb it is supposed to back up.

I disabled avg while backing up…it got my up to a whopping 1.2 mbps, while with it enables i was running at .9 mbps.  Wow…slow

Yes I have heard the software can be ■■■■…but with my windows 7 pc, no problem, back up 200gb in a couple of hours…

I bought this for myself, and my wife…so she can just plug it in, and have it back up with not worrying about what photos she has added from one of our recent shoots since last.

I have done some searching on the forum, but havent seen an issue like this… windows 7 ok, XP, blah!  Any ideas?  Thanks people!

Did you use one of the back ports on the XP machine without a hub? Some of the older PCs have USB 1.0 on front.


Joe is right, may be your XP may not have USB2 support at all. It is always good idea to state your PC specs, so we might be able to help you in a positive manner.

Mabikay – SLK

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