MyBook 1.0 Tb hardware problem, how can I save all my data?

The MyBook 1.0 Tb network drive is no longer available using Windows Explorer.  I used to have access to the /Public folder under “My Network Places”, but it no longer shows up there.  I have unplugged and re-plugged the MyBook back in but the “blue” circular lights no longer come on, so I’m assuming I have a hardware problem.  I removed the hard-drive from the MyBook enclosure and inserted it into a Sata-to-USB 2.0 docking station and I was able to see the “Master Boot Record” and 4 partitions on the drive using the “Disk Management” console used in Windows XP.  All 4 partitions are listed as “Healthy” but I can’t assign a drive letter to any of the partitions.  Consequently, I can’t access all of my data that is stored on the hard-drive.

Is there a method to be able to access my data?  I can’t use the MyBook enclosure because it doesn’t seem to be able to boot-up anymore, and I don’t want to reformat the hard-drive to be able to assign drive letters to the 4 partitions so I can access the data using Windows Explorer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TIA… ;>)

Unfortunately, you may have lost the raid capability of the storage drive when you removed the disk.  You won’t be able to see that drive on a Windows pc, because they’re formatted in Linux.  You are probably looking at data recovery if you haven’t already lost the data by pulling the drive out of the raid array.  The only way to know for sure is if you had the drives mirrored (raid 1) or spanned (raid 0).  Raid 1, you can more easily recover your data.  Raid 0, you’re in trouble.  I would contact WD about this.