My World Edition NAS drive doesn't wake up

My World Edition NAS drive does not wake up after it goes to sleep. I have tried to shutoff the sleep, but it still keeps going into a sleep state and won’t recover. I can not access again until I power cycle it.

so you unchecked the hdd standby? how do you try to access the drive after it does it to where it doesnt wake up? ex. do you type in the IP of the drive into IE?

Yes i unchecked the HDD standby. I try to access it with IP address in IE and through windows explorer.

having the same issue after the latest firmware update… can’t stand these products

new f/w from this company **bleep**. i will never update mine.

I am streaming videos stored in My Book World Edition II  on to WD TV Streaming Media player over WiFi. 

The issue is MBWE II does not wake up from stand by and so it is forcing SMP to show that there are no videos available on network share. 

Previous post says there is a way to uncheck HDD standby. Could someone suggest how. I couldnt find it on admin console. 

type ip of mbw world into IE, log in as admin, go to advanced mode at top, go to advanced at bottom, uncheck hdd standby.

I’m having this same problem, with the most current firmware, etc.

So, do I understand correctly that there is no way to use the HDD standy feature (which power-saves by having the drive go to sleep when unused for some period of time) without having to power-cycle the NAS every time you want to wake it back up from sleep?  If not, why are we having this problem?  If so, what’s the point of the standy feature?

you updated firmware. nooooooooooooooooooooooo. im sry that broke it.