My World Edition II (white light): Correct type to replace defect storage

Hi *,
Currently I’m facing problem with one of my storage (B drive) in My World Edition II (white light). The storage need to replace with the new one. Existing storage type is 2TB Green Caviar WD20EADS. Unfortunetely, I can’t find anymore in the market with same type.

My questions is:

  1. which type can I use to replace my B drive storage?
  2. should I replace both storage or I can mix it?


I found this in the User manual page #159

“Important: Only WD Caviar® Green™ hard drive assemblies can be
inserted into the My Book World Edition enclosure. Visit
and search the knowledge base article 2569 for detailed instructions on
obtaining a replacement drive for this product. Use only WD hard drive
assemblies or your warranty will be voided.”

Take a look at the user manual for more information: