My World Book II World Edition Can't Access and Fast Flashing

After years of occasional use as a back up for family photo and video repository, I can no longer access the device. I’ve tried power recycles and a reset.

Once powered up, I get the blinking white light ever second, fast flashing per the User’s Guide, that says I’ve had some kind of systems event.
I get a warning message:

warning is_dir( ):stat failed for /DataVolume/torrent_(errno=5-Input/output error) in proto/sxm_webui/ctcs/ctcsconfig.imc.on line 24

The drives don’t spin up.

I’d be grateful for any help anyone can offer to get these storage device working again.

It’s probable that the drive has failed. If you don’t have another backup for the data on the drive, you are looking at data recovery.

This device is the back up. There are two drives in the device so I always have two working drives…hence all data is backed up. I think it’s highly unlikely both drives would fail simultaneously. What am I missing? If one of the drives failed, I should be able to pull the good drive and access the data…isn’t that the purpose of buying the World Book II with dual drives so you have a back up?