My World Book II White Light edition Trouble on Windows 7 System

ok I been having a little issues with my formentioned NAS drive and today I decided to connect it direct to my laptop so that I can get the files off and put them on DVD but it seems that its not connecting althought I can log in via the ip address of it but at the top of the my WD page that shows for dealing with system info is the following line of code

Warning: is_dir(): Stat failed for /DataVolume/torrent (errno=5 -
Input/output error) in /proto/SxM_webui/ctcs/ on line 24

and now I have reset the device with a paperclip and and can log in with the defualt password but I need to access the files on the drive any Idea’s on what I can do

it sounds as if the drive is working when I put my ear near to it

Try \\theipaddressofyourunit in the search box of Windows Explorer. It should open the entire volume of your unit.

I have it shows up some times but not others