My World Book Ed II (White) Failed Board Data Recovery

I have the unit above with a failed system board, disks spinning but not accessible from any network PC or laptop.  Will not power down, will not reset and will not take a new IP address or even show the old one.  WD support has been brilliant in getting a new drive to me, but I need to get the data off the old one.  If either drive is installed in a remote SATA housing through a USB connection, the PC knows it is there but cannot read it.  Is it a Linux file structure?  All my PC’s and laptops for the business are Windows based.  How can I recover the data?

Hello, sorry to hear that you cannot access your files. If you had a RAID 1 configuration you might be able to connect one of the hard drives to a Linux PC and read your files from there. You also have the option to contact one of the data recovery companies recommended by WD. Check the link bellow for more information.