My World Book blue light will not boot

About a week ago my WB froze - all the blue leds stayed on and it felt hotter than usual. I removed power, let it cool down, gave it power and it worked fine for a few days until it froze again.

I repeated the process, starting copying files off, but before it got very far, the blue lights froze again, but not two solid rings like the first two times (one quarter of the inner ring was dark). I could still ping the device before removing power.

I powered it off again - but now when I give it power I hear the disk starting up, but no blue light activity at all, and no ping.

I don’t think I can connect it via USB to remove files - I may just have to remove the disk and put it in a computer to recover the data.

Question: how is the disk formatted Linux something or NTFS (for the exported shares)?

Has anyone else any experience with removing the disk and recovering the data?

Any suggestions welcome. I am sure I have not thought of all the options.

I I remeber right its formatted as EXT2 or 3… It definatly sounds like it bit the dust (those things are ancient by computer standards - mine died of old age (It was already like 4 years old)  like a year ago)… Hopefully the issue is with the enclosure and not the drive inside… is yours a single drive model or a dual drive model? Do you have your data backed up somewhere? If so it might be simpler just to restore your backups to your new NAS (I highly recommend the My Book Live - It’s 2 generations past the blue rings and they’ve really simplified stuff)