My Windows8.1 laptop appears to 'move' file but they are not on the MBL

Hello, 2 days ago I was happily moving many RAW photo files to the MBL - each batch was several GB and taking about 2 hours to transfer - all OK. Yestarday I was doing similar batches but this time the transfer time was about 2 minutes. The laptop indicated the image files were on the MBL and off the laptop - BUT - from another PC I can see the MBL folders but no image files on the folders, the previous days transfers are all good… Why is my laptop suddenly making psuedo image files that are not really there?

Laptop - Thinkpad carbonX1, Windows 8.1,  WD MyBookLive 4TB

My guess is that, though you were trying to move to the MBL, you were actually moving to another folder on your local disk.  Just a guess…