My Windows 11 computer no longer sees My Book DUO

I was removing some old apps from my Window 11 desktop. After a restart, my MyBook Duo RAID 1 drive no longer shows up. Using device manager to search for new software doesn’t help. The light is on the drive and there’s a beep when I unplug and replug the drive. But the light is steady and doesn’t appear in Windows Explorer. Help!

Try all of these steps for external hard drive/SSD not detected until one works:

1)Try all other USB ports.

  1. Can you get it recognized in the BIOS/UEFI Setup? Look under storage drives.

If you can get it to show up in BIOS then see if it now shows up in Device Manager under Disk Drives, open and from Driver tab try Update Driver > Automatically, then Update Driver > Browse > Let Me Pick to try all previously installed drivers, then Uninstall, restart PC to reinstall driver.

  1. Next uninstall all USB controllers, restart PC to reinstall them. To restart without USB mouse or keyboard, program the power button first to Shut down the PC at Settings > System > Power & Sleep > Additional Power Settings > Choose what Power buttons do

  2. In Disk Management, from View tab try Show Hidden Devices. If not then from Action tab choose Scan for Hardware Changes.

If the drive shows up does it have a drive letter? If not right click it to assign one so it shows up in Explorer.

  1. Try these fixes for External drive not recognized::…

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Thank you for the quick response. Really appreciate it. After attempting most of my arsenal of recovery strategies without success, I noticed that the light on the drive was staying on even when I fully shut down my computer. That isn’t usually the case. I so I tried pulling the power on the Mybook duo and restarting it separately from the computer. That worked.

It’s a mystery to me why the WD drive chose that particular time to require its own reboot, but at least it worked. I’m going to assume it in someway had to do with deleting the several programs that I had installed on the main internal C:\ drive, but I don’t understand that linkage. The WD drive contains nothing but data – mostly photography graphic files.

But glad that it is back working – (and I set my regular monthly local back up to run overnight.)


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