My Win7 machine does not boot with my new WD20EFRX


Hi, My new 2TB NAS drive did not come with a jumper. I don't know if I need one, but my system will not boot with it as configured.  I have a flash drive for my boot drive and a dying 500GB Seagate Barracuda SATA drive off which I want to get my data.

I have a Core5 processor on an MSI board.  The BIOS sees the new drive just fine and it is in the fourth position after the CD, the flash drive, and the Barracuda; but Windows 7 cannot boot with the drive powered up and connected.  I am backed up on two other drives (a network NAS and a USB WD Passport drive) so minimal worries there.

I would like to run this drive in a "slave" configuration to the boot flash drive.

Questions: Do I need a jumper? Your document does not make clear what spread spectrum clocking even is (I know now) or in which clocking configuration this drive was shipped as regards spread spectrum clocking or even if that matters.  Really, they could have put a jumper in the box for how little? 

If i do need jumper, where do I put it?  I read the document but it was so generic that I couldn't fit my product to the preconditions. I didn't even get the sense that it was current.

Is there anything I need to download (drivers) before starting up with the drive connected? There was no paperwork, CD, or anything other than a desiccant with this drive. So I'm assuming it should have just started if everything was kosher, at least Windows says it should (as long as the drive is disconnected, it boots). Anything you can do to help would be enjoyed.



OK, I found the driver online and it boots now.  BUT…

Windows still does not recognize the hard drive.

OK, I have updated every driver on the machine. 

Although the BIOS recognizes the new drive Windows still can’t see it.

execute diskmgmt.msc from the start menu

it should appear as RAW

inicialize the hard drive, format it and its done

When I execute the program I get a dialogue box saying that I must "initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it.  It gives me a checked box with but one disk to choose that is labeled, “Disk 2.” .  The problem is that I have three disks on the system: the flash drive, the dying hard drive, and the NAS.
So I blew off the dialogue box to check the list and lo and behold once I scrolled it I found “Disk 2 Unknown 1863.02 Not Initialized.” I am assuming that’s the WD NAS.

So I restart the program.  The dialogue box with the check box gives me a choice of radio buttons I do not understand: MBR (Master Boot Record) or GPT (GUID Partition Table).  What I want is a drive that has the full 2TB available.  I have two backup drives, a 4TB RAID1 server and a Passport, for my critical data. Which button do I select (I’m guessing it’s the latter)?



OK, so I went to Wikipedia and learned about MBR v GPT and made an executive decision for good ol’ MBR.  Formatted it and it’s taking data. I think we’re done.