My White 1TB Worldbook does not show up on the network after adding it to the new server domain

Firmware: 01.02.12 with MioNet 
built on Thu Sep 29 11:06:30 CST 2011

It is using DHCP and the ip on it is

Gateway is

DNS Server is (which is our server)

It does show up under devices in WIn7, but I cannot access the folders.  

Do I need to do something speacial to it after adding it as a domain member, such as the shared folders.

No additional settings are required.  Even if the MBW has the option to be joined to a domain, this type of setup does not work quite as well as in the ShareSpace, and it is not officially supported by WD.  You may try resetting the MBW by holding its reset button for 20 seconds.

You may also check the following link:  How to join or add a WD ShareSpace to a domain