My Western Digital MyPassport Ulta 1TB just filled up

My Western Digital MyPassport Ulta 1TB just filled up.

My PC has 50 GB free and my WD has 3 MB free. I couldn’t figure out why until I browsed the .SWSTOR folder and saw that there was files and folders there that I deleted or moved months ago that were still there.  I have it set to automatic backup immediately when a folder is changed.

My problem is…can I delete the .SWSTOR folder and start the backup over again.

When I delete the .SWSTOR, that will not affect the files on my PC will it?

Also, can I get a free program that will back up my data for me in an unencrypted format, where it will automatically sync everything I do on my PC in real time? Like if I move a file to a folder on my PC, it will move the file on the external drive. If I delete a file from my PC, it will delete it from the external drive and so on, so this problem can be avoided in the future.

PS: I never delete the recycle bin on my PC, so if I delete a file I don’t want that I want later, I can get it back.

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Yes, you can delete the .SWSTOR folder to delete WD SmartWare backup files, and it will not affect your computer. however, it is possible you may have to re-install WD SmartWare in order to start a new backup.

On the other hand, yes, you can use a 3rd party synchronization utility with your WD Passport. I have seen a few Users recommending the official Microsoft SyncToy application.