My Western Digital My Passport is not detected by computer

I have had this passport for around a year now, and it has always worked fine. Now, when I try to plug it into a computer, it beeps 5 times and is not detected by the computer. I have tried it on two computers, and it does the same thing.

Did you check if it is recognized on the disk management window?

Alucardx23, it does not come up in the disk management menu 

spins up at all?

It is spinning up, and the light on the side of it is lighting up

so I had the same problem…was almost about to send it to data recovery for $750…but decided to give it one more try…I had to dismantle my hardrive out of the case and then plugged it back into the usb port. I could here that the drive pin was trying to click into place but unsuccessfully which is why the drive stopped…so replugged it in and turned it on its side…and gave it a gently sharp tap and i was able to move the drive pin in place and the drive showed up…backing up as i write this…so happy… I didn’t even void my warranty… anyway do this it your own risk…hope it helps…I have an ext 500gb hdd usb. cheers

Sorry but when you opened the drive case you voided the warranty. It sounds like the head was stuck.


If I did that, I feel like I would do something to really break the hard drive, and also, opening the case is supposed to void the warranty

those 2 issues are NOT the same. if your drive is stuck - it will not spin up. OP mentioned that his drives spins up freely.

If your drive spins up DO NOT DO ANY TAPPING. This is really a bad advice, and can lead to permanent data loss in no time.