My Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II 2 TB unreadable (format error message)

Hello all,

Please I’d appreciate for your help with my WD My Book Studio Edition II 2 TB So I wake up morrning today and checked my Drive and not working and said USB calbe not recognized and try to connect with esata cable same problem unreadable and only popup that needed format and I didn’t cause I really needed that data.

Please any help ( I think it’s because the electric cut and back low) anyway the drive not working and tryed to power off the PC and all wires and connect it again and the same :frowning:

Note : 2 TB Only one partation (with Raid)

Waiting for your help

Thanks in advance & Best Regards,


Dude I’m sorry to tell you this but since you have the full 2TB then you have a _ non-recoverable _ RAID 0… If you had a RAID 1 then you could just take a drive out and connect it inside your computer…

On a failed RAID 0 there is no software or tool that can recover the data…

So you mean there is no way to back it work with all my data >ohhh no I’m going to die it’s Very important data So if I take them out and connect them inside my case is there any diffrance ?

Only if you had a RAID 1, and you DON’T have a backup at all if the same data is not on at least two completely and unrelated locations at the same time.

I tryed once more a time to start it again So I can see the partation in my computer after a long loaded time but the same the partation asks for format and I didn’t

Note : the lighting in the drive We can say  like Flash from the bottom and up and the middle is dark ? is there any diffrance 

and the partation found in my computer but it’s like RAW without file system