My WDTVLives are setting themselves as the master browser

I did an OS refresh on my main Windows File Server (which has an 8 Bay RAID Device attached to it).  It was originally set as the Master Browser.  

I have three WDTV Live boxes and I noticed that after I set the OS-refreshed Windows Server as the master browser I also saw that one of the three WDTV Lives was the master browser

So I powered down the WDTV Live (by removing the power cord) that was the master browser.  After it powered back and got a network connection it was no longer the master browser

But one of the two remained WDTV’s becamse the master browser.  So I physically powered it down.  And when it rebooted, it was no longer the master browser

But the third WDTV Live showed up as the master browser.   I also powered it down.  Then it wasn’t the master browser

But I returned and the first WDTV Live was now set as the master browser causing “No Media Found in my media shares”

Now that I’m getting positive as Mike227 says that this is a master browser issue, how does one prevent a WDTV from being the master browser 

I’ve finally cold powered down the WDTVs, shutdown all the PC’s, and powered down the router.  I then repowered the router, turned on all the PCs and powered on one WDTV Live. 

I checked and so far, the sole WDTV Live is not set as the master browser 

I am now going to power up the WDTV boxes one at a time and make sure the boxes don’t assume the master browser role