My WDTV Live Plus now shows signs of aging

After all these no-problem years with the Live Plus, the past few movies watched have momentarily stalled (like a pause,) and then started playing again after the video effectively “fast forwards” quickly and begins playing fine again. The last movie played did this about 4-5 times throughout the movie. Previous times it was maybe once, then twice, and the last movie did this the most. Player always recovers, but it recently is happening during each movie.

I attribute this to old age of a well used player, and it may just be dying on me. There may not be much I can do, other than take the less-used Live Plus out of the bedroom and put it in the family room where most use of the player occurs.

If someone has experienced this problem with their older WDTVs, I’d like to know if you found a fix for this, e.g. did restoring to factory defaults help? I’m not sure it would. Meanwhile, I will be tinkering with it, its connections and factory reset in near future and likely even swap the two units to get to the bottom of this mystery.


I had the same issue over a month ago but it went away. I dont remember if I did anything but it is possible I didn’t since it only happened once. Please come back and share your findings after you troubleshoot your device.

You had same problem with a Live Plus model? I ran the parts of the same ISO movie that hiccuped via WDTV again, as well as from Kodi -on-FireTV and all was fine. I reseated all connections on the WDTV (except at the other end that is hard to get to in cabinet). I will be doing more later this week, such as swapping my two Live Plus models – just the boxes; not everything else.