My WDTV Live lag when watching movies

Good day,

I try to watch movies on my WDTV live without experiment lagging problem. Movies that I try to watch are .avi or .mkv extension. All movies are store in a WD Book Live 2T which is connected in my cisco router E2500 dual band. The box (WDTV Live) is also connected through the cisco router.


Does my router speed anough to watch movies that are stored in WD Book Live 2T ?

Is there any existing setup (disk storage,router,ect) out there to fix my lagging problem ?

Please help


If they’re connected over your NAS then I could see how you might have an issue with .MKV files but not AVI. I do know that the E2500 has a more limited range than most dual N routers

Hi there,

thanks for the info. Both, the NAS and WDTV Live was hard wired through my cisco. This said I am not sure about the E2500 range. I was suspecting the speed of transferring the date between NAS and WDTV Live through the router. I am not sure but i don’t know if E2500 has giga port. Anyway, I read on a post that WDTV live max speed connection is 300 Mbp. Please help me. I don’t mind to invest more money but I would like to be sure before investing more money.