My WDMC of me can't get Dashboard page

Hello guy, i have problems for WDMC, i login ok, but Web UI can’t loading Dashboard of WDMC.
SMB folder share is work, I can not decentralize or create additional accounts or do other basic settings.
First, i try reset 4/40 but not work
later, I try tutorial unbricking in here but ca’t excuse “mkswap /dev/sda1” (Device or resource busy)
so maybe when i go to wd recovery, i can not run the new firmware, it stops at 0%.

Please give me some advice. Thanks you so much!

Hi nhimc0n,

Just try to access the dashboard on any other we browser.

thanks for reply, i try all browser and not work. But fortunately, i waited in dashboard ~ 5min, and it worked. But because the log limit I logout right then. Many times I try it and turn off Cloud Access and everything works fine again :slight_smile:

I still want to upgrade the drive, any tips for excuse “mkswap / dev / sda1” (Device or resource busy). Thanks you!!!