My WDBLNP5000ABL is not playing videos on TV

Hi all,

I just bought  WDBLNP5000ABL and copied some videos (1080i) on it made with my phone. I then tried to play the videos on a Samsung 40EH5000. Unfortunatelly all videos play for ~10seconds then screen freezes for ~4-5 seconds and then video resumes. After ~10 more seconds the video freezes again. 

I tested the same videos on a Philips and it’s ok.

Any ideeas what to do? Can it be the WD or the Samsung?

Thank you for your replies.

Sounds like it’s filling its buffer slower than it can play it, so basically you’re buffering (the pauses) and then playing which is emptying the buffer.

Which format are your videos in? It may be that your files are in a format that the Philips natively supports, but the Samsung doesn’t and has to do a conversion on the fly perhaps (which will slow things down). I would check what formats the Samsung supports directly, and maybe also try converting your video file to another commonly supported format (e.g. MP4) and see if that helps.

Could also be that the buffer is bigger in the Philips than the Samsung, or some hardware difference like USB2 vs USB3 ports on the televisions themselves.