My WD works in Vista but not in XP!


I have a 1 TB WD External  Hard. when I connect it to my laptop which has the Vista  it works good, but when I connect to my PC which system is XP it is not recognized and I recieve the message: Drive is not accecible, file or dir corrupted and unreadable.

the disk management  in XP report the drive as healthy but doesn’t report the file system (which is NTFS ofcourse).

the history of my actions are as follows:

1- a problem occured and I received the msg: drive is not formatted. using the software active partition recovery (doing a super scan) I solved this problem and could open the disk and use contents.

2-since some copying actions failed after that, I performed a chkdsk and a surface scan and a very few bad sectors detected. but after that the new problem occured which I explained  at the begining.

I performed a disk check in Vista but I couldn’t solve the problem.

can any one help me plz?

I looked forever and tried forever…  (I had the same problem)

What worked for me.

I opened the drive with Vista, (because it worked in Vista) and I went to Administrative Tools/ Computer Management/Disk Management and selected the drive then I went to “Action” tab in the scroll bar, and clicked “Mark Partisan as Active.” I then safely unmounted the devise and when I plugged back into my Desktop with XP it was visible.

I don’t think it has messed with the driver, but I’m not certain. I needed my Desktop with XP to recognize it simply to use a recovery program on it.

Hope this helps!


Sounds like you might have a Master Boot Record problem with the drive.

Try using the recovery CD Ultimate Boot Disk it’s free and incredibly useful. Take a look at the partition and see if it can find any errors.

If you can run it in Vista I suggest  you copy everything off to be on the safe side.