My WD TV SMP just froze :(

Brand new with latest firmware loaded.  Was doing:-

Videos - Network Share - folder - TV Serial episode…

Halfway through the SMP just froze.  NONE of the buttons on the remote worked.  The light was blinking but I had to pull   the power plug out of the back.

I hope it doesn’t go the way of my DXtreme DX-390…    I had to take it back for a refund as it KEPT freezing…    :frowning:

We have 5 WD TV SMPs in the family   :frowning:

I was watching episode 1 of another series and it froze again   :frowning:

Switched it off at its’ individual switch and switched it on again and played episode 2 and that, too, froze.  I tried to switch off etc by holding down the OFF button.  Suddenly it started playing very fast.  Quickly pressed “Play” and it carried on playing.  Bit further on it froze again.  :frowning:

Started playing another totally different series - season 4 episode 1.  Played for about 30 minutes and then froze again.  I wasn’t playing much attention at the time so I left it frozen.  About 20 minutes later with no remote button pushes it started playing VERY fast (as if trying to catch up for the long inactivity).  I tried to press “Play” but the SMP did a Hard Reset, power cycle or whatever, all by itself…

I let it load etc and reselected the same episode, jumped to 30 minutes and let it play through.  It froze again at the final screen of the credits.  Had to switch it off with the switch on the powerboard again   :frowning:

If it is any help, the series I was watching was season 4 of a 17 season serial so I imaging the video was VERY old (codecs etc).  That particular season was likely over 10 years old?  I don’t think it was re-ripped.

I have been through these freezes with the DXtreme DX-390 and I returned that for a refund.  I am close to doing the same with this WD TV SMP   :frowning:

What you describe (pausing, and then racing to catch up…)  That’s a symptom of the network or source not being able to keep up with the bit rate of the video.

I see it too, on occasion, if my NAS is EXTREMELY busy (like it is right now when I’m in a marathon of ripping 75 DVDs on four different DVD-ROM drives over the network.)

Except the serials are playing from a 64Gb Flash Drive NOT the network…    :frowning:

Even so, a 20 MINUTE freeze???    :frowning: