My wd tv plays none of my videos

I ordered an hd tv live refurbished and somehow was sent a wd tv. Anyway I had the thing out of the box before I realized it did not have an ethernet port, so I figured I would try it before I go through the process of returning it. I plugged in a drive with 500gb of mostly xvid avi’s and a few mp4’s, H.264’s and flv’s. The only files that the were recognized were the flv’s. The device has firmware 1.02.07. will I have the same problems with an WD tv live? There is no way I am going to convert all of my videos. I have several terabytes of media and I really dont use windows for anything. Any suggestions before I give up on this whole WD TV concept? I have been using a modded original xbox for my media now and everything works great currently with XBMC. 

Well, first things first…  I would send it back and demand what you paid for.  

well actually it looks like a computer glitch or something because they charged me for the wd tv, I did not realize the 2 were on sale (wd tv and wd tv live). I could have sworn I read it over and made sure I was getting the one with the ethernet port. I am going to call in a bit, but I do want to make sure I’m not going to have the same issues with the wd tv live.

but I do want to make sure I’m not going to have the same issues with the wd tv live.


That’s the problem, right there.  I have no issues with my Gen1 and any xvid or divx .avi files.

Yes, the Gen2/Live/Live Plus/Live Hub line does have slightly enhanced codec support, due to the different chips in them from the Gen1, but for the most part, the devices will all play/not play the same files.

If there’s something wrong with your encodes, which is preventing them from playing back on a WDTV HD, then there’s a good chance that the same something will prevent them from playing back on a Live.