My WD TV Live will not use HDMI mode only old low quality cables?

Hi there i was hoping someone will be able to help me .

My WD Live TV has been working fine for many years however today i noticed it would not transmit to my Sony TV in HDMI mode only the older lower quality format.

I have tried it on my TV in the living room and it works fine no problems at all, so i done a system restore set it back to auto HDMI and tried it again on my TV in the bedroom however im still getting the same problem.

I think the reason why it is no longer working is because i plugged my ps3 into the tv in the bedroom with the old low quality cables just to see if they would work  because my intention was to give them a test before i sell the ps3 on ebay and ever since then the WD TV Live has not worked on the tv in my bedroom.

I think i may have reset some settings either on the tv or WD.

Sorry for the long post if anyone knows how to fix it i would much apprecite it.

Thank You.


If the WD TV works fine on another TV trough HDMI then the issue is related to the TV in your bedroom. Take a look at the  TV user’s manual and make sure you didn’t change any setting. It is also a possibility that the HDMI port on the TV is not working.