My WD TV Live SMP not able to see my network share on Windows XP share on my network!

I think you would still run into the problem.  

The western digital allows you to connect to your PC to see that particular PC’s shares.

It’s a very easy thought process.  If you share a folder on your computer.  You should be able to \computername from another computer to see the Shared folders contents and execute/modify what is in there.  If not, your network sharing configuration is not set up correctly. 

Have you tried sharing a folder via Windows 7 to see if the western digital picks up?  Again, make sure your sharing settings are discoverable by going to the Networking and SHaring center and enabling The network discovery. 

I would continue to test your sharing configuration via wifi to leave your switches out of the picture for easier troubleshooting.  You should be able to see a share at this point.  Maybe even trying to change your computer name could even help.  Perhaps your hostname on the media computer is to long and WD doesn’t like it.

Also, after creating your account… did you input that into western digital?  Did the WD ever ask you for those account credentials?  It should have prompted you to use a user name and account. 

Also, did u watch the video?  It truly helped me figure out my issue.  At least pointed me in the right direction because when I first purcahsed this device I had changed my workgroup name a long time ago and totally forgot… Perhaps changing your workgroup for all computers could help?  Change it from Workgroup to deepak.  see if it allows the WD to find your media better.