My WD TV LIVE SMP HDMI and Composite do not work!

I recevied my WD TV LIVE SMP today.

And It has a problem with my SONY 40W4000.

When I use HDMI or composite, I can only see WD LIVE title screen for 5~6 second.

After that screen is turned off and only shows me ‘no signal’.

It makes me crazy.

Is there anyone can help me please???

Are you waiting long enough?   The WDTV will drop the video signal for about 20-30 seconds during bootup, and then return.

However, if it never comes back on composite, then you may have a defective unit and should exchange it for a new one.

I bought two of these as refurbs straight from WD. And both are DEAD upon receipt. The replacement ones came and one out of the two is also a dud. The symptoms are exactly the same. They show the splash screen, and then nothing, not even after 10-15 minutes. RCA doesn’t work either. The CSR said they are defective.

So the refurb units have a high  rate of failure/DOA in my experience. They are probably never tested and just reset and resent. Luck of the draw i think.