My WD tv live keeps rebooting

We had a power outahe last night and our internet is currently off. But when we wanted to watch movies throygh the wd tv live from my hard drive the machine keeps rebooting and it does not want to do anything. Can anyone help?

Try resetting the player to factory defaults and unplugging from power for a few minutes.

My player is having the same problem, despite repeatedly unplugging and waiting a few minutes. Resetting to factory defaults seems like a good idea, but as soon as mine finishes booting, the screen goes blank and the player reboots again. All of the instructions I’ve found for doing a factory reset seem to involve having a player that will stay on long enough to navigate to that menu. The only way to get it out of this loop is to unplug it. Are there any other ways to reset it?

You can also reset it by pushing in the side reset button with something like a cocktail stick, push for only a few seconds and then release. However the player must be booted up.

If you have a new Live streaming player then the reset button is on the bottom.

Thank you. I just looked closely at it and found the reset button cleverly hidden on the bottom to look just like all the other ventilation holes. Pushing that while the player was booting solved the problem. I do wish that WD had not chosen to give multiple devices the same name…

As do we all.