My WD TV Live Issues

I’ve had my WD TV Live for almost 6 months have have observed the following issues, and none of the firmware updates to date have made a bit of difference thus far:

  1. Frequently when switching the TV & Receiver over to the WD TV Live, connected via HDMI, the display will flash on for a second then go blank for a couple of seconds and will repeat this cycle indefinitely.  The only resolution is to pull the power from the WD TV Live to hard reboot it.

2. Occasionally when trying to play a video after I haven’t used the WD TV Live for a bit I get nothing but a spinning circle.  I can stop the attempted playback and do anything else, but as soon as I try to play any video I again get the spinning circle of death.  The only resolution is to once again pull the power from the WD TV Live to hard reboot it.

  1. After a hard reboot I’m unable to immediately playback a bluray M2TS rip without constant stutter via the wired network, smaller videos don’t have this issue.  However, if I let it continue to play the stutter will eventually disappear after approx. 15 minutes. Once the initial stuttering stops I’m able to stop playback and play anything without issue, until I’m forced to hard reboot the unit due to the two aforementioned issues.