My WD TV Live HD has crashed

Has anyone had their wd tvlive hd crash on them? I was streaming a video from the internet using Playon, when the video suddenly stopped playing and my tv screen went black. I tried doing a hard reset, unplugging the power and pushing the reset. the only thing that happened was the wd logo appeared but it was in black and white, it was approx. 3/4ths its original size and appeared fuzzy, I stopped there. called wd support (still in the 30 day free support) and did everything they suggested and still no joy. The agent I spoke with said he had never experienced this before. wd is sending me a replacement unit, will rec. Tuesday. I am just curious if anyone else had a similar experiences, what did you do if anything to fix the issue? Thanks

Crashes: Sure.   We’ve probably all had one crash, but not PERMANENTLY.   

These things are bound to die at some point.   Hopefully your replacement will work, and that it’s not your TV!  

Replace it, it’s easier to deal with rather than figuring it one your own.  You should be okay since it seems to still be under warranty.  Good luck!