My WD TV Live does not recognize .srt subtitles and does not resume playback on movies

Hello all and a Happy New Year,

I have these two problems with my WD TV Live, ever since I connected it to my home Lan.

Before this connection, I had never experienced such problems but now if I stop a movie midways and/or close the player, whenever I start the same movie again, the movie starts from the beginning. No resume options.

Furthermore, it sometimes does not give me the option to enable the subtitles even though on previous playback I had the option and the .srt files being on the same folder and with the same name as the movie.

I connected the player directly with cable on my router, in which are also connected my pc and two laptops (the last two are wirelessly connected). All are in the same workgroup “Workgroup” and are given static lan IPs.

All my movies are on a 1TB WD external HDD connected directly to my player and I am also able to view its files through my computer as well.

My firmware is also up-to-date 1.06.43_V, just before connected the player on my lan.

Can you please help me solve my problems?

Thank you very much in advance!!

EDIT: I have given full read/write perimissions to all users for the external HDD but still no resume. 

Also, I just noticed that for some reason, the .srt files are strangely transformed into folders and that is why they are not recognized! But after a couple of shutdowns and restarts they went back to .srt files…

Possibly a variation of this bug?

Indeed it is a variation of that bug… 

From what I read, I have to roll back my firmware. Easy so far, but what about the resume option?

Will this issue be fixed as well?

Thank you so much for your responce!