My WD Studio edition fail to start :(


My WD doesn’t start anymore… When I plug the AC power in the wall the disk doesn’t start and it’s deadly silent.

I 've tried also to change the cable (FIrm 800 and USB) but nothing happen…

THe disk is really new (maybe a month) with very little usage. 

I HOPE that the problem is in the power AC and not in the disk, but how I can confirm that?

And in the case that it’s the disk broken, what can I do? 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


Since you have already tried both 1394 and USB cables.

Have you tried a different AC outlet on another known good outlet location?

If it is still fail.

The next step is to try a known good  12V 1.5Amp AC adapter.

If after you have tried the known good AC adapter and it is still fail.

You need to contact WD tech support for further help.